I have seen amazing results from Positive Energy Tools–personally and with my clients. In sessions, I combine these Tools with other techniques and healing skills. The comments below are with Tools only. As I get them, I will add more testimonials applying these Tools without my other skills. Please send me yours!

“I’m normally skeptical of any product with ‘energy’ in the description, but immediately upon touching the card I felt a lightness and warm clarity. I was surprised I felt it so strongly.”
-R.R., Chiropractor, Seattle, WA

“I am now beginning to understand the relationship with destructive emotion and entities. They arrive when I am extremely angry; they apply enormous pressure to my body, consume my energy and intensify my anger. I can only feel the effects of the entities once they are removed from my body. Once cleared, I am instantly calmer and able to return to my body.  I can then process the triggering event and identify the source of my anger. I also experience the tremendous exhaustion caused by harboring the entities.”
–D.H., Accountant, MD

“It was great! Right away I felt a good “pulling” feeling and felt the direction that the YUK was going as it went OUT like streamers or waves going out, carrying the ICK away. Aches got less achy and tight in my neck, shoulders, and low back. I felt a feeling like being in a nice ocean, past the breakers in the nice rocking motion of the water. I felt quieter inside.”
–Kim R., Therapist, Seattle, WA

“My son, Chris, had a lot of anger issues.  Chris walked around with a chip on his shoulder and a need to seek revenge for any perceived injustice.  After Teresa’s energy work the difference in him was immediate and profound. It is like he is a different person! He shifted from being uncooperative, irritable and easily frustrated or angered to cooperative, thoughtful, loving and more at peace.”
 S.N. Seattle, WA

“The minute I held the Positive Energy Tool I felt like I was flying and a minute after that I felt more full of energy and life.”
–S.R. Age 11, Seattle, WA

“I feel opened up; lighter; cleaner. I had an image of black crows flying out of a house!”
–A.M.R. Nutritional Sales Rep., Seattle, WA

Client testimonials on my main website will give you a more complete view of the potential benefits of working with energy, and the quality of my insight and experience.