Teresa’s Intro to Energy Tools
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Positive Energy Tools help you:

  • Remove energy burdens
  • Accelerate energy healing
  • Clear your energy after being around unpleasant people or events
  • Discover how good you feel when free from external energies
  • Learn to tell your energy apart from energies you take on from others
  • Get out of bad moods quickly
  • Work through emotional issues more easily
  • Protect yourself from picking up entities, psychic cords, psychic attack, and energy debris
  • Enhance awareness
  • Speed up personal growth and support spiritual transformation
  • Increase focus and concentration

Use: These 3’’X 5’’ devices can be held in the hand, placed on the body or in a pocket, or placed on a photo or hair sample of yourself or your loved one.

  • Self-cleaning
  • Excellent for clearing crystals, jewelry, etc.
  • Work well from a distance
  • Work well with children and animals
  • Healers can use these products to improve results with clients

Why Use a Tool?
Throwing off negative states can take more effort and focus than you can manage when your energy is messed up. Using mental techniques to clear serious unwholesome energies from yourself can be like washing a wall with a filthy sponge.

Many shielding techniques block your energy off from flowing freely with other people and your environment. These tools raise your energy frequencies so you are not susceptible to negative influence, allowing you to stay open and relaxed.

These Energy Tools clear out energies advanced healers miss or be unable to influence. They contain focused energy pathways that support focus, purpose, balance, and harmony.

How PETs Work
These Tools contain encoded archetypal, angelic, and archangelic frequencies that change your energy patterning. Put simply, “angelic and archangelic” refer to categories people use to explore and discuss specific frequencies of highly positive energy. Energies can be used for healing with or without any religious context.

Clearing energy that does not belong with you speeds up personal growth, quiets your mind, and helps you respond from your real intentions instead of reacting because you are buried in inharmonious energy.

Getting rid of negative energy is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress.Picking Your Products:

The effect of these products is most obvious if you are aware of energy and have picked up negative energy. Using them helps develop energy awareness. Heavy negative energy is the most obvious. Since it comes in gradually, you may not notice—but you notice feeling better quickly as it lifts off. The testimonials give some good glimpses of what this can be like.

Positive energies are subtler than negatives. Awareness of positives and expansion into new inner realms is initially harder to recognize than energy cleansing. Balancing and fine-tuning help change thought patterns and open us to new experience.

Harmonia and Pax will work better if you use Cleanser first. If you need Protector, it may be difficult to feel positive energies until you work with it. Think of how much easier it is to see patterns on the wallpaper after washing off years of grime.

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  • How and why we pick up negative energy
  • What kinds of negative energy are out there
  • The role of energy in your health