Ever feel yucky, foggy, slimed, buried, or wiped out after dealing with negative people or places? Positive Energy Tools clear negative energy and raise your vibration so it doesn’t stick to you. Positive thinking becomes possible when you are free from negative energy. Negative energy blocks healing. As it builds up it dims your Light—the energy exchange between you and your higher self.

These tools remove accumulated negative energy, accelerate healing, support transformation, & raise consciousness.

: Throws off negative energy from people, events, negative thoughts and emotions.

Protector: Protects from and clears heavy-duty negative energies, inherited negativity, or psychic attack.

Harmonia: Relieves stress. Gently yet powerfully balances your state of mind and emotions. Helps you feel positive.

Pax: Use if you enjoy exploring subtle energies. Enhances meditation. Opens you to higher positive energy.

Coded with angelic frequencies that promote energy healing.  Powerful enough to remove entities and demons.